Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that he is committed to turning his company around. At Facebook’s F8 developer, Mark Zuckerberg said privacy will be the defining pillar of his social network’s sprawling empire going forward.

During the conference, Mark shows off the nifty new tools and products that will help expand its dominance and capture more of the public attention. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the last couple of years focus on Privacy for Social Networking.
Over the few decades, Facebook and Instagram play a significant role in everyone’s life, due to that masses communicate with friends, family, and community. Nowadays, masses increasingly also want to connect privately in the digital equivalent of the living room. According to Mark, In the future of internet Privacy, focus communication platform will be more important than today’s open platform because privacy gives people the freedom themselves and connect naturally.

MARK Vision based on following principles

1. Private Interaction: People should communicate and they have full control over who can communicate with them and confidence that no else can access
2. Encryption: Your Private communication will be Secure. Individuals’ private correspondences ought to be secure. Start to finish encryption avoids anybody — including us — from seeing what individuals share on our administrations.
3. Safety: Due to Encryption services. Massages, Calls, video chats, groups, businesses, payment, commerce without any tension Because nobody understands the encrypted language.
4. Interoperability: People should use an app to reach their friends and they should able to communicate across the network easily and secure.
5. Secure Data Storage: In a few years ago the focus on Secure Data storage and launch the services of the new service.
The Biggest change in facebook, interoperable Messenger app and business catalog on WhatsApp- FB5 & F8
During the annual developer conference, Mark announced the big changes coming to its family of apps.
1. Facebook users will be able to send messages between the messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
2. According to report asserting control over all apps and Each app will remain the district from each other.
3. Though the underlying messaging infrastructure will be unified, according to the report.
4. All messaging to be end-to-end encrypted.